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About Us

Academic Development Consulting (ADC) turns professional training into customized online programs. We transform your vision into vivid, friendly, and highly efficient instruction. And we administer the courses we create. We serve individuals, organizations, and associations in both the profit and non-profit sectors.


Our goal

Our goal is to personally assist individuals to succeed in their program, equip instructors to teach, and improve organizations’ insight into the success of their programs.

Our focus 

We focuses on small and medium-sized clients who have distinctive business needs, including:

  • Initial certification in self-regulated industries.
  • Re-certification and continuing education programs.
  • Standardization of in-house training programs.
  • Development of online courses and course modules for colleges.



Academic Development Consulting was founded in 2009 by Philip J. Clements and Jody Wood.

Our business started by helping college professors teach online course. World of mouth brought us our first business clients. Realizing that there is an underserved market for online programs that serve the small and medium business community and nonprofits, we adapted our mission and began to expand. Now we are continuing to serve at a competitive price. ADC’s activities include helping professors and instructors develop content and to aid in marketing such content, designing and developing learning management systems (LMS), and the administration of LMS platforms for business, nonprofits, and education institutions.

Phil Clements was Managing Director at Cathedral Consulting, LLC. He was an Executive Vice President at Standard & Poors and a Global Leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Phil taught business courses at the graduate and undergraduate level.

Jody Wood is an engineer who worked in the metal casting industry before joining the team that reopened a small college in New York City where she served as associate provost. Jody also created and ran an adult degree completion program. She previously served as executive director at two education oriented think tanks.

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