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Course and Program Content

ADC generates content. If the client already has a program, we organize and supplements it. If the client does not have any program, we build one from the ground up, picking courses, ordering them, and determining each one’s time length. It even helps develop the content of new individual courses and supplies the course material.

We then work closely with experts in audio recording, images, formatting styles, and technology to transform this course material into an online curriculum with learning objectives; preparatory reading assignments; written and recorded lectures; and quizzes and exams. The lectures as well as any other course presentations are uploaded to the presentation platform.

Customized Learning Platform

ADC builds a learning platform. After consultation with our clients, we recommend one of our five delivery options (from basic to simulation.) After generating content, we produce a branded, password-protected site–a learning management system (LMS)–that, in addition to being easily accessible to the learners of the client, can support presentations, evaluations, and file storage. Lectures, other course presentations, and quizzes and exams are uploaded to the platform. The LMS makes it easy for learners to access course outlines, reading lists, case studies, and other supplementary material.


ADC handles course administration. We update sponsor information and course content on the learning platform. We manage accounting of receipts and expenses. We directly bill students and creates an online “shopping court” through which they can both register and pay for courses.

Monitor Student Progress

ADC monitors student progress, supplying clients with regular progress reports so they can see how students are doing. We maintain a help desk answer questions students have as they work through their courses. We certify course grades and completion, produces transcripts, and gives graduating students their course completion certificates.

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