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Christian Entrepreneurship Program

The program will incorporate real-time applications of Christian faith principles to business operations – featuring Biblical material connected to business principles. The courses will have a technical nature, to teach how to run a business, not just theory behind business practices.

Each course will consist of lectures, recommended reading lists, and printable worksheets and handouts. Case studies and supplementary reading materials will be woven throughout.

Who should take this program?

  • Anyone who are considering starting a business
  • Anyone who has already started the journey but have questions on running the business
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to apply his/her faith to day to day business operation

Learn more about the Program here: www.cfcbe.com/cep-fcci

Course Outline

I. What is Business

1.1 God and Business

1.2 Structure of Business

1.3 Speed of Business

1.4 Roadmap

1.5 Case Study

II. Who are Customers

2.1 God and Customers

2.2 Market Position

2.3 Marketing Basis

2.4 Case Study

III. What is Capital

3.1 God and Capital

3.2 How Much Capital is Needed

3.3 How to Get Capital

3.4 Case Study

IV. How to be Accountable

4.1 God and Accountability

4.2 What are Financial Reports

4.3 Financial Statement Process

4.4 Case Study

V. How to be Legal

5.1 God and Law

5.2 What Organization to Select

5.3 Why Pay Your Taxes

5.4. Case Study

VI. How to Treat Employees

6.1 God and Employees

6.2 Compensation Process

6.3 Organization Chart

6.4 Case Study

VII. What to do with Profits

7.1 God and Profits

7.2 Case Study

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Non Member: $1200.00

Registration Fee: $75.00

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