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✚ Online Instruction for Job Training and Career Development

Online instruction is well suited for job training and career development. In-house training often overextends the staff members tasked to teach while continuing to perform their own duties. With an ADC online course more experienced employees can spend their time on their primary duties or handling more specialized training.

Advantages of Online Job Training for Employees

  • It’s transportable. Employees can work from home, at work, or on the road.
  • It’s flexible. Employees with busy schedules can work at their own pace.
  • It’s responsive. Employees who fall behind are quickly identified and offered support.
  • It’s advantageous. Employees can demonstrate to employers their readiness for additional responsibilities and promotion.


Advantages of Online Job Training for Employers

  • It’s expansive. More employees can participate at the same time since an entire class does have to fit into a physical classroom.
  • It’s current. Course materials are easily updated.
  • It’s calibrated. Employers can provide the appropriate levels of career development for established employees.
  • It’s cost effective. New employees complete the majority of their job training through a self-paced online course.
  • It’s efficient. Experienced employees are freed to do their regular work.
  • It’s consistent. It incorporates the training strengths of all of your best employees without leaving anything out.
  • It’s complete. A good online course can compile all the knowledge spread among many trainers into one place.
  • It’s really efficient. Experienced employees have more time for specialized training.
  • It’s a crystal ball. Employers can discover more about their employees by observing how well they progress through the program.

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