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Every organization needs an online training program.

Online courses are the future of workplace training and a growing sector of college education as well. Moreover, online training is the standard format in professional certification. Some forms of instruction will naturally remain in-person and hands-on, but online courses are highly effective, cost efficient, and in many cases the best way to keep employees up-to-date in crucial areas.

ADC’s distinctive contribution to online training is its focus on small and medium-sized clients whose particular needs require close attention.  We value particularity.

ADC Administration  

At ADC, we know how to help busy people complete a course and an entire program. Ivy League universities have a 95 percent completion rate; public universities, 60 percent; and MOOCs have a four percent completion rate.

We are committed to the success of both our clients and our students. Because our clients are busy, we take care of all administration. Because our students have busy lives, we create flexible schedules and accommodate individual needs.

We have experience dealing with adult students and college students; we have built courses for professional training and academic learning. We understands learners, and knows how to get them to finish a program.

Potential clients have many options when they seek outside help with online learning. We offer both excellent services and competitive prices. But most importantly, we offer our commitment to developing and maintaining programs that precisely match our clients’ needs.

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